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Friday / April 28, 2017


Liquor Reform

Liquor reform could be coming to Pennsylvania. The state house this week passed a package of four bill and sent them to the senate for their consideration. But for state representative David Millard... a Republican from Berwick... it's all about purchasing convenience. The fate of the four bills in the senate are unknown... but passage is expected.


Snyder Sentence

A Selinsgrove man will spend the next 80 months to 40 years in prison for the death of his wife in Snyder County. Kenneth Wochley of Selinsgrove pleaded no contest Thursday to third-degree murder in the death of his wife Ann last year. A no-contest plea means Wochley does not admit guilt but is sentenced as if he did.


Mother Sentenced

A mother accused of abusing her children has been sentenced to prison. Lourdes Rodriguez was sentenced to 10 to 20 years in prison after being convicted of aggravated assault for beating her 16-month-old daughter. Officers found the child bleeding and unresponsive at a home in West Hazleton in March of 2015. The sentence also reflects a guilty plea from Rodriguez for abusing her 3-year-old son


A state Senate committee has advanced legislation that aims to help infants of mothers who experience depression after giving birth. The bill would add postpartum depression to a list of conditions that babies and their mothers are screened for... which make the children eligible for early intervention services from the state. The screenings would be performed by ob/gyns and pediatricians during regular appointments. The American Psychological Association estimates 15 percent of all new mothers suffer from postpartum depression, which can result in neglect or abuse of the infant.


Berwick United Way

Hate it when your boss asks you where you want to be in the next five to ten years... well that's what the Berwick Area United Way is asking you in a survey. Executive Director Ginny Crake says the organizations mission is ever evolving. The Berwick Area United Way has sent out questionaairs over social media to get response... to gauge the public's vision.


PennDOT Secretary Leslie Richards went before the Senate Transportation Committee this week to outline the agency's 12 year plan. PennDOT's latest 12 year plan for which road, bridge or transit projects get funding runs through 2028, but is updated every two years. Thanks to the law known as ACT 89, Secretary Richards says they have about 20 billion dollars to work with over the next 4 years, but there's always a need for more. As a result, Richards says planners have to choose carefully, knowing that they can never start a project they don't intend to complete.


Animal Abuse
A bill cracking down on animal abuse was approved this week in the state House, now some lawmakers questioned certain provisions of the bill. The bill would impose stricter penalties for intentionally torturing an animal or neglect or abuse causing severe injury or death. The measure passed the House with only 20 no votes, but not before some lawmakers questioned certain provisions of the bill. Issues included whether someone could enter private property if they suspected an animal was in distress, and exactly what constitutes distress that could lead to criminal charges.


Shots Fired

Police in Wilkes-Barre are investigating gunfire this week. Investigators confirm shots were fired on South Grant Street late Wednesday night. They don't believe anyone was hit when those bullets started flying. No arrests have been made yet here in Wilkes-Barre.


Ignacio Beato

The former real estate agent from Hazleton accused of selling homes he didn't own to unsuspecting buyers has agreed to plead guilty in federal court. Ignacio Beato signed a deal Wednesday to plead guilty to a federal charge of wire fraud. Authorities say Beato cheated almost 20 people from the Hazleton area out of hundreds of thousands of dollars. They say he sold homes without having titles to those properties.


Road Rage

A road rage incident lead to gunfire and charges in Schuylkill County. Police say Kevin Donton from Tremont fired a shot at a vehicle on Route 61 near Frackville Wednesday morning. Investigators say there was an incident when the SUV Donton was riding in tried to merge. The other driver was not hit.





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