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Dave Reilly

Dave's News Roundup 7-17-17


Opioid Crisis Getting Worse - Reports From Massachusetts And Ohio:

Things are getting really bad all across the nation, especially when it comes to the Heroin/Opioid epidemic. Two new reports have come out from Massachusetts and Ohio that are really eye-opening, especially for communites like ours, that are [relatively] sheltered from the brunt of the crisis. 


In Massachusetts, besides the rapid rise in overdoses, the concern of emergency workers and civilians alike is the rise in discarded needles strewn about. From the Boston Herald:


Rocky Morrison leads a cleanup effort along the Merrimack River, which winds through the old milling city of Lowell, and has recovered hundreds of needles in abandoned homeless camps that dot the banks, as well as in piles of debris that collect in floating booms he recently started setting.
He has a collection of several hundred needles in a fishbowl, a prop he uses to illustrate that the problem is real and that towns must do more to combat it.
"We started seeing it last year here and there. But now, it's just raining needles everywhere we go," said Morrison, a burly, tattooed construction worker whose Clean River Project has six boats working parts of the 117-mile (188-kilometer) river.


The Herald continued with statistics about the rise in discarded needles across the States:


In Portland, Maine, officials have collected more than 700 needles so far this year, putting them on track to handily exceed the nearly 900 gathered in all of 2016. In March alone, San Francisco collected more than 13,000 syringes, compared with only about 2,900 the same month in 2016.

In Ohio, a different kind of problem is emerging according to CBS News. Not only did 4,000 people die of opiate/opioid overdoses last year, but this year the amount of Narcan being used to revive people who overdosed on these dangerous drugs.


In Middletown, Ohio city leaders say they've surpassed the $11,000 they spent on narcan last year, and are on pace to spend more than $100,000 this year.


"It's breakin' my heart," said Adonia Martin, a friend of the patient. "She just, they just told me she just overdosed two nights ago. I mean, how many times -- how many more times is she gonna, not gonna make it?"
Calls like this have risen dramatically in recent months. Last year, Middletown EMS made 532 runs for opioid overdoses. This year, they've already had more than 600 runs through June. And they're using more naloxone to counter the effects of stronger synthetic drugs.

Middletown City Councilman Dan Picard has proposed something quite radical to combat this problem in Ohio... 


Picard is proposing a "three strikes" plan. Those who overdose once or twice would have to perform community service and pay off the cost of the emergency response. If they don't, there might not be a response the third time.


"My message to addicts is, yeah, stay away from Middletown," Picard said. "'Cause we might not show up to treat you. It's reality."

"I'm a city counselor," Picard said. "My job, as a city counselor, is to make sure this city can continue to function and provide services to its citizens. And at the rate we're going, we've got to do something."


In Columbia County, I do know that we are having issues with going over-budget, especiallly with regards to autopsies. As soon as more details are available, they will be provided.


Game Of Thrones Season 7 - New Ratings High:

Game of Thrones, HBO's incredibly immoral, sexually deviant, pornographic, violent and mildly entertaining show has reached new heights of viewership after this weekend's premiere of it's 7th season on TV.


Leaving the previous series high of 8.89 million snared for its Season 6 finale in June 2016, last night’s “Dragonstone” episode snagged 10.1 million viewers for its premiere. Telling of how TV is consumed today, the opener pulled in another 6 million viewers on same-day DVR playback and streaming via  HBO Go and HBO Now.


The 10.1 million viewership total is up 27% over what the Season 6 debut drew in late April last year. That season opener was basically even with the then-record-breaking Season 5 premiere of April 12, 2015.


Whatever you do, just don't let your kids watch...



Radical Anti-White NAACP Board Member And Preacher Says Praying For Trump Heresy:
(Breitbart) - Saturday on MSNBC’s “AM Joy,” Rev. Dr. William Barber, a member of the national board of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) and pastor of the Greenleaf Christian Church in Goldsboro, NC, spoke out against those that prayed for President Donald Trump after a photo was made public that showed pastors praying for the president at the White House.
Barber called it a “form of theological malpractice that borders on heresy.”
“[I]t is a form of theological malpractice that borders on heresy,” Barber said. “When you can p-r-a-y for a president and others while they are p-r-e-y, preying on the most vulnerable, you’re violating the sacred principles of religion."
The News Observer is reporting that: Barber’s comments set the North Carolina Republican Party ablaze.
In a news release on Sunday, the party said it was “shocked and outraged” over Barber’s “claim that it’s a sin to pray for President Trump.”
“In the strongest possible terms, the NCGOP condemns the hateful actions of Dr. Rev. Barber, who cast tens of millions of people, of all faiths, who pray for the president, as sinners in a nationally broadcasted interview,” NCGOP Chairman Robin Hayes said in the news release. “As a pastor in North Carolina, Rev. Dr. Barber has crossed the line this time. Using his role as a supposed faith-based leader to falsely drive citizens away from praying for the good of our nation and our nation's president, is absolutely grotesque. The idea that it is a sin to pray for any individual, much less the commander-in-chief of our country, goes against any religious teaching that I have ever heard of. Rev. Dr. Barber is spreading a repulsive lie, and he should apologize immediately.”
[Note from Dave] - Yes... Instead of praying for your enemies, lets just run around and call anyone praying for people we don't like heretics! Very productive! I wonder if this guy is aware that Donald Trump is not in-fact responsible for usury, defrauding laborers of their just wages and oppression of the poor. Why NOT pray for a man that could bring a change to all that?


Main Stream Media Latches On To Anything To Avoid Reporting Real News:

Well folks, the MSM continues to twist reality, warp events and stir the pot in an effort to report on anything other than #RealNews.


Over the weekend, conservative commentator and best-selling author Ann Coulter was mis-handled by Delta Airlines.


Ms. Coulter pre-booked her tickets, and paid extra for a 'prefered seat' on the soon-to-be failing airline, only to have her seat given to another passenger, and be escorted to another seat with no explination from the airline as to why she did not receive the seat she had booked.


Certain media sites made the false claim that she lost her seat BECAUSE of her Twitter rant, but that was not the case.



So Delta, instead of using the 'Customer is always right' philosophy, took the time to excoriate Ms. Coulter on Twitter for her little rant, saything that it was "unacceptable and unnecessary."


Honestly, if YOU paid extra money, and spent your time carefully choosing YOUR seat on an airline, wouldn't you be a little ticked off?







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