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Dave Reilly

Dave's News Roundup 6-19-17


AP: Russia Warns US


Islamic Education Center Agitates Locals In Pennsylvania:

A youth center that has fallen into dis-use and disrepair has been sold to Hira Educational Services of North America, an Islamic group based in Newark, New Jersey. The winning bid was placed on Thursday of last week, to the tune of $400,000, but the sale still needs to be solidified.


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It is un-clear what the proposed Islamic center will be used for, and has caused some serious agitation with locals in the area.



Read more details by Clicking Here.


Caesar Outrage Comes To A Boiling Point:

We've been following this story about the Shakespeare in the Park version of "Julius Caesar" in Manhattan featuring a Caesar fashioned basically as Donald Trump for about a week now, and things are starting to boil over. 


It started with outrage on social media, then some of the Theater Association's sponsors began dropping their sponsorship, and over the weekend, two alternative journalists disrupted the play. Jack Posobiec, author of "Citizens for Trump," and Laura Loomer a journalist with The Rebel Media disrupted the play with a "Social Justice Warrior" style protest.


Ms. Loomer took to the stage shouting "Stop normalization of political violence against the Right." She proceeded to screech and shout and make a scene, while Mr. Posobiec stood up and began shouting "Josef Gobbels would be proud," "You are all Nazis like Josef Gobbels," and "The blood of Steve Scalise is on your hands."


I have two thoughts on this:


1. Using left-wing protest tactics makes us just as obnoxious as them.

2. Leftists have more in common with Communists than Nazis. Confusing this just muddies the already muddy waters.


Take a look, and judge for yourself:

Mr. Posobiec has taken to Twitter to vow a production of "Julius Caesar" with Mohammed the Prophet depicting Caesar... 

Posobiec is all edge, and no content, and is just taking the lowest common denominator for the purposes of self-promotion. It'll work for a little while, but when people see that he has no real solutions to the very real political problems we are facing, other than following Godwin's law and whining like a leftist, they will leave him out in the cold.


Carrie Fisher Died A Drug Taking "Rebel":

Early Monday morning the Los Angeles County coroner released his report on the late Star-Wars star Carrie Fisher. Ms. Fisher, who had a long and fairly public battle with mental illness and substance use disorder (it would seem) has finally succumbed to her drug use.


Officially ruled death by sleep apnea, her toxicology report tells a slightly different story. Fisher’s tox-screen revealed evidence of cocaine, methadone, MDMA (better known as ecstasy), alcohol and opiates when she was rushed to Ronald Reagan UCLA Hospital on Dec. 23.


Todd Fisher, Carrie's brother responded to the official cause of death saying that her battle with drugs and bipolar disorder “slowly but surely put her health in jeopardy over many, many years. I honestly hoped we would grow old together, but after her death, nobody was shocked.”
If you or somebody you know is suffering from substance use disorder, or drug addiction, get in touch with the Berwick Anti-Drug Alliance for direction, hope and help.
Liberal Double-Standards:
Recently we've seen a Communist shoot at elected representatives, Radical Islamic Terrorism ripping all across the globe, and ONE incident where a white Anglo-Saxon male ran over Muslims in Finsbury Park in London. 
Some social media posts point out the hypocracy of leftists:
How can America recover from such polarized and heartless world-views?




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