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Dave Reilly

Dave's News Roundup 6-15-17

L E F T  W I N G  V I O L E N C E



Sen. Tim Kaine: Democrats Have To "Fight In The Streets" 


Loretta Lynch: "They marched, they bled, yes, some of them have died..."


Snoop Dog: Mock Assasination


Rapper YG: "Fuck Donald Trump"


MSNBC: Donald Trump Is LITERALLY Hitler


Madonna: "I've thought an awful lot about blowing up the White House"


Robert DeNiro: "I'd like to punch him in the face."


Black Lives Matter:


It's Always Ok To Punch Nazis: (All Conservatives Are Nazis)


Antifa Street Violence:


"The Truth About The Shooting of Congressman Scalise"


 Ann Coulter - The Resistance Goes "Live Fire"

"The explosion of violence against conservatives across the country is being intentionally ginned up by Democrats, reporters, TV hosts, late-night comedians and celebrities, who compete with one another to come up with the most vile epithets for Trump and his supporters. 
"They go right up to the line, trying not to cross it, by, for example, vamping with a realistic photo of a decapitated Trump or calling the president a "piece of s---" while hosting a show on CNN. 
"The media are orchestrating a bloodless coup, but they're perfectly content to have their low-IQ shock troops pursue a bloody coup..."







Towering Inferno In London:

You may have seen the reports on the building that caught fire in London a few days ago. If you haven't, you can check one out here and a very comprehensive article here. Flames engulfed the building which was on fire for well over a day, and now the death toll has risen over 30.


After hours and hours of raging fire ripping through the building, it still stands.



Can someone please remind me, WHY IN GOD'S NAME WORLD TRADE TOWER 7 FELL?


Anti-Conservative Violence, Not Just An American Phenomenon:

Yesterday, we saw violence against Republican representatives in Alexandria, Va, and we've seen violence against conservatives all over our country. This is especially evident at events where radical Liberal groups such as Antifa and the Black Bloc are present, but this is not just happening in America...


Today in Paris, a notable Right-Wing Republican running for office in France was accosted by a protestor and left uncioncious while she was handing out leaflets on the street.


Click Here to read the whole story from the AFP.


Hollywood Flops Dominate This Years Releases:

The 2016 elections saw the spread of Anti-Hollywood Anti-Establishment Media sentiments arise all across America, and instead of cleaning up their act and producing movies that are actually watchable, they release one flop after another.



Three new movies slated to come out have been getting terrible reviews according to Roger Friedman. "The Book of Henry," “All Eyez on Me” a movie about Tupac Shukur, and “Rough Night,” Scarlett Johansson's new flick are all looking to be duds. 


Recent flops include, "King Arthur," "Collide," "A Cure For Wellness," "Chips," and more.


Dear Hollywood: Please stop making movies that suck.


Presidential Approval Rating - Rasmussen:

From Rasmussen Reports:


The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Thursday shows that 47% of Likely U.S. Voters approve of President Trump’s job performance.


Fifty-four percent (54%) of voters think Congress should investigate whether Loretta Lynch, President Obama’s Attorney General, sought to influence the FBI’s probe of Hillary Clinton’s handling of top secret information in her e-mails.




Radio Host Michael Savage Predicts Violence Day Before Alexandria Shooting





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