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Dave Reilly

Dave's News Roundup 6-9-17

The Ramadan Bombathon:

Breitbart - Ramadan 2016 featured 1,150 casualties — both death and injuries. This year, terrorists – namely the Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL), Taliban, and al-Qaeda, among other jihadists – have already killed or wounded nearly 2,000 people across about 15 countries and there are still about 15 days left in the month.
During the first 13 days of Ramadan 2017 period, there have been an estimated 70 terror attacks carried out in the name of Allah (by Islamic extremists) resulting in the death of 950 people and injury of 1,021.
The death toll for nearly the first half of Ramadan this year has already surpassed the fatalities that occurred during the entire holy month last year —  421 deaths and 729 injuries.
See the RUNNING TALLY of this year's terror attacks.
Some of the weeks attacks include:
March Against Sharia - Harrisburg:
In opposition to the continual Westward push of Islam in general, ACT For America has organized an anti-Sharia march in cities all across America. Act For America describes it's self as "The NRA of national security."
Marchers will include Christians, Jews, Moderate Muslims, Republicans as well as identitarian groups like Identity Evropa and the Alt-Right. 
Reports are saying that local police departments are gearing up for violence at these demonstrations, because the Radical Leftist/Communist group Antifa (short for Anti-Fascists) is sending it's operatives to these events to counter-protest.
Read more about the upcoming demonstration in Harrisburg by Clicking Here.
Detroit Cleric Probed For Ties To London Bridge Attack:
According to Reuters News Agency "Ahmad Musa Jebril, who had been living in the Detroit area for some years, is one of several described by authorities as online propagandists who could have influenced the three attackers, said the officials, speaking on condition of anonymity."
It is VERY concerning that America may be harboring Radical Imams that create Radacalizing propaganda for dissemination online. Attempts to contact the Imam at his listed phone number (located in Dearborne, MI) have been un-successful, along with attempts by social media giants Facebook-Twitter-Google to crack down on this kind of online propaganda. 
Read the full Reuters story Here.
Confusion Rampant Amongst Members Of Congress:
It seems as though Congressmen and women on both sides of the aisle are not coping well with the speed of the news, or maybe they're just becoming senile, because the number of mis-steps mis-speaks and blatant ignorance is becoming rampant. Maxine Waters was calling for Donald Trump's impeachment, while also citing Vladimir Putin's "Invasion of Korea." Nancy Pelosi keeps forgetting that Donald Trump is president- not George Bush. And the crown jewel of confusion in congress was epitomized by John McCain's 10 minute incoherent line of questioning to ex-FBI director James comey yesterday.
Maybe it's time for term limits?


MSNBC Journalist Kurt Eichenwald Caught Browsing Cartoon Porn:


More Jail Time For "Social Media Abusers":

In Thailand, a 34 year old named Vichai Thepwong was sentenced to 35 years in prison. His crime? Insulting the monarchy.


The inital sentence was for 70 years in jail, but it was cut in half after Thepwong pled guilty to 10 separate violations of Thailand's strict lese majeste law.


Long story short, be careful what you post on social media!


Read more Here.



New Ben Garrison Cartoon:

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