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Dave Reilly

Dave's News Roundup 6-6-17

Source Of White House Leaks Found:

According to multiple sources- the source of the NSA leaks pertaining to "Russian Hacking" of the U.S. election was finally identified and arrested. Reality Leigh Winner, 25, of Agusta was a Bernie Sanders supporter, and provided news agencies with Top-Secret intelligence, which is a highly illegal offense.


A detailed update on her situation can be found by Clicking Here.


But just as shocking as her breaking of United States law, are her views on race. According to her Twitter, she believes that "Being White is terrorism." 

                      *click to enlarge*


Since she IS white, her views on her own race are highly puzzling, but can be described as ethno-masochistic. That is to say, one who hates his or her own race... For context- she is a supporter of the "Democratic Socialist" Bernie Sanders, and it appears that she adheares to the Social Justice Warrior style ideology. Not surprising in the least. More of her controversial social media posts are available on InfoWars.


If you are interested in reading more on her situation you can read The New York Post, Washington Post, Conservative Review, The Daily Beast, and MSN.


More Social Media Fallout For Journalists:

Speaking of controversial social media posts... More and more often, journalists and news reporters are being caught up in a whirlwind that, more often than not, gets them into serious trouble. That wirlwind coming from social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. Journalists have been getting heat for publicising their opinions on controversial topics such as immigration and Islam. 


Click Here for an interesting article on this topic, that sums up multiple instances of controversy stemming from social media posts.


Gunshots Ring Out At Notre Dame:

Zero Hedge and other media sites are repording that a suspected terrorist shouted "This is for Syria" while attacking a police officer outside of Notre Dame in Paris with a hammer and a kitchen knife. The alleged terrorist was shot and taken to the hospital. Meanwhile, counter-terror investigations have been launched since the would-be ISIS terrorist was apprehended.

                      *click to enlarge*


Inside the Cathederal, innocent worshippers and tourists were locked-down and asked to raise their hands while the building was swept for explosives and other weapons.

                      *click to enlarge*


Canadian G'VT To Repo "Trans" Children:

On the more disturbing spectrum of things, the Canadian Government has announced a new program to "liberate" children who "self-identify" as a different gender than the one they're born with, if the child's parent does not accept their "prefered" gender. 



I can't even comment on this, you'll just have to read more by Clicking Here


It's the [Current Year] people! Get with the times you old fashioned fuddy-duddies! 


(This is not going to have a pretty ending.)






More Violence Depicted Against Prez. Trump

Last week, it was Kathy Griffin. This week, it's a troupe of actors in Central park doing a modern rendition of Shakespeare's "Julius Caesar". The modernized "Shakespeare in the Park" play depicts U.S. Senators murdering Caesar, who was dressed in a business suit, a blue tie and complete with blonde hair. Some of the onlookers were shocked to witness a depection of President Trump being murdered on stage in front of 2,000 people.


Photos and the full story are available online by Clicking Here.



Brits Fight Back Against Liberal Policy:

In London on Monday, a British nationalist group protested the liberal "open borders" policies of British lawmakers, as well as pro-Islam mayor of London, Sadiq Khan. Chants included "Donald Trump, We Love You!" and "Britain First, Fighting Back!"


Meanwhile, London's mayor did not call for a ban on Radical Islamic immigration, but a ban on the upcoming visit of President Trump. It seems as though Mr. Khan believes Donald Trump is more of a threat to the citizens of London than Radical Islamic Terrorists.





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