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Dave Reilly

Director Of New Media

Radio has always been a huge part of my life, and ever since I could walk, I have been in and out of radio stations all across the country. My father Joe Reilly even taught me how to read by sitting me down at his hi-fi system with Beatles records and letting me read the lyrics while the band sang. Before I could even read, I knew that I was passionate about music.

This deep love for music brought me to Boston, Massachusetts where I enrolled in the Music Production & Engineering program at Berklee College of Music. While I was there, I had the great privilege of studying with some amazing producers and engineers like: Stephen Webber (Electronic Music Pioneer), Prince Charles Alexander (Usher, Notorious B.I.G., Puff Daddy) and Susan Rogers (Prince, Barenaked Ladies). They taught me the ins and outs of production, recording, studio life and ownership. Before I had completed two years at Berklee, I got hired as a Staff Engineer at Sanctum Sound Recording Studio in Boston’s Leather District. I spent a total of 5 years in Boston where I worked with dozens of artists on hundreds of songs.

Since my time in Boston, I released my own album, and moved around the east coast quite a bit. I spent 2015 in Connecticut doing digital media production including website design and DVD production for the American District of the Society of Saint Pius X.

Now that I have honed my skills on various media platforms, I feel honored to be able to use my knowledge and talents for a community that has given me so much help and support throughout the years. I am excited to be able to work for the people of Columbia County through the services that WHLM provides for our community!

A very big thank you to everyone who made our Public Affairs Program Series "Coming Clean: The Drug Crisis" a reality! I am very proud to announce that WHLM has been awarded an Excellence in Broadcasting Award from the Pennsylvania Association of Broadcasters! Thanks guys!

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Dave Reilly's Blog:

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      50th Anniversery Of Lunar Landing ...

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      Postal Service Breaks Federal Laws, Tied To Hillary Clinton Campaign: Click Here to read the article from the Washington Post.     ...

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  • Dave's News Roundup 7-18-17
      The Truth About The Refugee Crisis In Paris: Political commentator, activist, and right-wing heart-throb Lauren Southern stopped by Paris on her way to Italy this week. She registered a video documenting the reality of the "refugee crisis" in Paris. The video is short, sweet to the point, and provides context on the situation that Main ...

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  • Dave's News Roundup 7-17-17
      Opioid Crisis Getting Worse - Reports From Massachusetts And Ohio: Things are getting really bad all across the nation, especially when it comes to the Heroin/Opioid epidemic. Two new reports have come out from ...

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      Proud Boys Set To Demonstrate In Southern NY's "Islamberg": (...

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      Anti-Right Violence Taken To Extreme In New Music Video: When was the last time you checked in on what kind of music your angsty teenager was listening to? On the one hand, if it's 'pop music' I'd be willing to bet it's something promoting hyp...

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  • Dave's News Roundup 7-12-17
      New Ben Garrison Cartoon: Ben really has a way of getting right down to brass tax with his cartoons. I think this says everything that needs to be said about 2016 campaign scandals. ...

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  • Dave's News Roundup 7-11-17
    Sick And Tired Of 'Trumped' Up Scandals Dear God, how long is this going to go on? Reports surfaced just a few days ago that Donald Trump Jr. met with a Russian lawyer, in order to gain opposition research and some possible information on the Hillary Clinton campaign that may have benefitted the Trump campaign. Main Stream Med...

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  • Dave's News Roundup 7-10-17
    *GOVERNOR WOLF SUCKS AT MATH* (AP) — For the second straight year, Democratic Gov. Tom Wolf will let a ...

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  • Dave's News Roundup 7-6-17
    Trump Beats Nationalist Drum In Poland President Trump addressed a massive crowd today in Poland, where he again spoke as a Nationalist (and that's not a bad thing). The Polish people responded positively to the President's message and began chanting "Donald Trump" and "USA." ...

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