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Released from PennDOT:

Columbia County
**OPEN - SR 11 between Bissette Lane in Scott Township and Keifers Lane in South 
Centre Township;
SR 11 between Market Street in Bloomsburg and SR 42;
SR 42 from Millville Road in Hemlock Township to Black Run Road in Madison 
SR 42 from Grovania Drive in Montour Township to the SR 11 on ramp;
SR 42 in Hemlock Township, from SR 44 to Millville Road;
SR 42 in Catawissa between SR 487 and Mountain Road;
SR 339 from Smith Hollow Road in Mifflin Township to Broad Street in Nescopeck;
SR 339 in Main Township, from Mainville Drive to Mt. Pink Road;
SR 487 from Airport Road to SR 11 at Bloomsburg;
SR 487 between Catawissa and SR 54 at Elysburg, flooding near Southern Columbia 
SR 1001 (Shaffer Road) in Scott Township from SR 11to Carlson/Sawmill/Horse Farm 
SR 1010 (Hosler Road/Eckrote Road) in North Centre Township, from Cabin Run Road 
to Shelhamer Road;
SR 1013 (Draketown Road) from Whitmire Road in Orange Township to Pine Street in 
SR 1015 (Golf Course Road) from Church Road in South Centre Township to 
Fowlersville Road in North Centre Township;
SR 1017 (Lake Road) in Briar Creek Township, from SR 93 to Evansville Road;
SR 1019 (Cemetery Road) in Briar Creek Township, from Freas Avenue to Martzville 
SR 1020 (Winding Road) in Fishing Creek Township, from Asbury Road to Harrison 
SR 1022 (Zaners Bridge Road) in Fishing Creek Road, from SR 487 to the Luzerne 
County line;
SR 1025 (Summerhill Road/Jonestown Road) from Knob Mountain Road in Briar Creek 
Road to Winding Road in Fishing Creek Township;
SR 1035 (Lower Raven Creek Road) between SR 487 in Stillwater and SR 239 in 
Benton Township;
SR 2001 (Ideal Park Road/Mill Road) from Duke Road in Roaring Creek Township to 
Gobster Pond Road in Locust Township;
SR 2004 (Center Street) from SR 61 in Centralia to the Schuylkill County line;
SR 2005 (Slabtown Road) from Ideal Park Road in Locust Township to Numidia Drive 
in Catawissa Township;
SR 2018 (Sycamore Road/Main Street/Church Street) from Fourth Street in 
Catawissa to Mainville Drive in Main Township;
SR 3001 (Fisherdale Road) in Cleveland Township, from Bear Gap Road to Middle 
SR 3001 (Tyson School Road/Fisherdale Road) from Ashton Hollow Road in Cleveland 
Township to SR 42 in Locust Township;
SR 3003 (Ashton Hollow Road/Orchard Drive) from Middle Road in Cleveland 
Township to Mt. Zion Road in Franklin Township;
SR 3004 from SR 61 to the Northumberland County line;
SR 3008 (Bear Gap Road) in Cleveland Township, from Power Line Road to White 
Church Road;
SR 3010 (Middle Road) in Cleveland Township, between Bear Gap Road and Ashton 
Hollow Road;
SR 3012 (Mt. Zion Road) in Franklin Township, from the Montour County line to SR 
42 in Catawissa;
SR 3014 (Susque View Road) in Franklin Township, from Mt. Zion Road;
SR 4002 (Legion Road/Grovania Drive) in Montour Township, from SRs 42 to 11;
SR 4003/SR 4006 (Frosty Valley Road) in Hemlock Township, from County Line Road 
to SR 42;
**OPEN - SR 4004 (Quarry Road/Ridge Road) from SR 11 in Montour Township to SR 
42 in Hemlock Township;
SR 4008 (Back Branch Road) in Mount Pleasant Township from Millertown Road to 
White Church Road;
SR 4009 (Millville Road) from Main Street in Bloomsburg to Mall Boulevard;
SR 4011 (Millertown Road) in Greenwood Township, from Bottom Road to Old State 
SR 4011 (Millertown Road) in Mount Pleasant Township, from Rolling Hills Drive 
to Turner Highview Road;
SR 4012 (Peppermill Road) in Hemlock and Madison townships, from Columbia Hill 
Road to SR 44;
SR 4041 (Rohrsburg Road) in Orange Township, between SR 487 and Newhart Road;
SR 4025 (Ants Hill Road) in Madison Township from SR 44 to Liuzza Road;
SR 4034 (Mount Pleasant Road) in Orange Township from SR 487 to Sandy Stone 
SR 4049 (Elk Grove Road) in Sugarloaf Township, from Spring Street in Central to 
the Sullivan County line;

Lycoming County
SR 42 from SR 239 in Franklin Township to SR 220 in Sullivan County;
SR 44 in Washington Township, from Elimsport to the Union County line;
SR 54 from SR 15 to Arch Street in Montgomery Borough;
SR 87 in Upper Fairfield Township from SR 864 to Back Street;
SR 87 from I-180 at Montoursville to Route 220 at Dushore in Sullivan County;
**OPEN - I-180 RAMPS at Hughesville/Muncy Exits 13A and 13B (road shoulder 
damage is barreled off - exercise caution);
SR 220 from SR 405 in Hughesville to SR 42 at Muncy Valley in Sullivan County;
**OPEN - SR 405 closed between I-180 and SR 442 at Hulls Landing;
**OPEN - SR 405 at the Muncy River Bridge, closed between Main Street in Muncy 
to Armstrong Road in Clinton Township;
SR 442 from SR 405 near Muncy to the Columbia County line;
SR 864 from SR 87 at Farragut to Quaker Church Road in Mill Creek Township;
SR 880 in Limestone Township, closed at the intersection with Middle Road;
SR 973 from SR 287 at Salladasburg to Lycoming Creek Road;
SR 973 in Eldred Township, from Yeagle Road to SR 87;
SR 973 in Mifflin Township, at Salladasburg between SR 287 and Jobs Run Road;
SR 1002 (Trout Run Mountain Road) from Rose Valley Road to SR 14;
SR 1003 (Wallis Run Road) from SR 973 at Slabtown to Murray Run Road in Gamble 
SR 1004 (Southard Road/Field Station Road/Beech Valley Road) from SR 14 to Rose 
Valley Road;
**OPEN - SR 1017 (Lycoming Creek Road) at the Haleeka Bridge between Lower and 
Upper Powys roads in Lewis and Hepburn townships;
SR 2012 (Sylvan Dell Road) from South Williamsport to Route 15 in Armstrong 
SR 2014 (Broad Street) in Montoursville, between Warrensville Road and Loyalsock 
Avenue, also the I-180 WB on-ramp from Broad Street is closed;
SR 2014 (John Brady Drive) from Industrial Parkway in Muncy Creek Township to 
Water Street in Muncy Borough;
SR 2039 (Warrensville Road) from East Third Street to Four Mile Drive;
SR 2053 (Rabbit Town Road) in Muncy and Wolf townships, from SR 220 to SR 864;
SR 2055 (Chippewa Road) in Muncy Creek Township, from SR 405 to East Lime Bluff 
SR 2057 (Lime Bluff Road) in Muncy Creek Township, from SR 405 to East Lime 
Bluff Road;
SR 2067 (Wallis Road) in Moreland Township, from SR 442 to Dairy Farm Road;
SR 2069 (Moreland Township Road) in Moreland Township, from Old Lairdsville Road 
to SR 118;
SR 2073 (Beaver Lake Road) from SR 220 in Wolf Township to Green Valley Road in 
Penn Township;
SR 2077 (Beaver Run Road) in Franklin Township from SR 118 to Beaver Lake Road 
in Penn Township;
SR 3007 (Pine Run Road) in Woodward Township, from SR 220, south;
SR 4001 (Little Pine Creek Road) from SR 44 in Cummings Township to SR 287 in 
Pine Township;

Montour County
SR 11 from Bald Top Road in Mahoning Township to County Line Road in Union 
SR 54 from Spruce Street in Danville to H Eyer Road in Mahoning Township;
SR 54 from north of Washingtonville to SR 44 east of Turbotville;
SR 2006 (Ridge Drive) in Cooper Township from Mt. Zion Drive to County Line 
SR 2008 (Bloom Road) in Mahoning Township, from Schoolhouse Road to Woodbine 
SR 2102 (Susquehanna Road) from the Northumberland County line to Sharp Ridge 
SR 3004 (Pottsgrove Road) in Liberty Township, between SR 45 and SR 642;
SR 3010 (Steckermill Road) in Liberty and Derry townships, between R & H Avenue 
and SR 54;
SR 4003 (Strick Road) in Limestone Township, from Landis Road to Ziegler Road;
SR 4001 (County Line Road) in Limestone Township;

Northumberland County
SR 45 from SR 405 to SR 147 at Montandon;
SR 45 in West Chillisquaque Township from Housels Run Road to SR 405;
SR 54 from Logan Run Road/Boyd Station Road in Rush Township to North D & H 
Avenue in Riverside;
SR 54 in Mount Carmel Township between SR 901 and SR 2034/SR 2038;
SR 61 (Front Street) along the Susquehanna River at Sunbury;
SR 61 at the Hamilton Underpass just outside of Sunbury;
SR 61 between Sunbury and SR 225 at Shamokin;
SR 147 from Boyles Run Road in Lower Augusta Township to SR 4018 in Upper 
Augusta Township;
SR 147 from Shikellamy Avenue in Upper Augusta Township to Priestly Avenue in 
Northumberland Borough;
SR 405 in West Chillisquaque Township, from SR 147 to SR 45;
SR 405 from Tenth Street in Milton to Susquehanna Trail in Turbot Township;
SR 487, from SR 54 at Elysburg to SR 42 in Catawissa;
SR 487 from SR 61 at Paxinos to SR 54 at Elysburg;
**OPEN - SR 890 between Whiteys Road in Rockefeller Township and SR 61 in Upper 
Augusta Township;
SR 901 from SR 61 to SR 54 in Mount Carmel Township;
SR 1005 (Seagrave Drive) in Delaware Township, between Eighth Street Drive and 
SR 54;
SR 1007 (Susquehanna Trail) from Route 44 in McEwensville to Rovendale Drive in 
Delaware Township;
SR 1014 (Brimmer Avenue) in Watsontown, from Main Street to the river bridge;
SR 1015 (Paradise Street) from SR 44 at Turbotville to SR 1016 in Turbot 
SR 1024 (Ridge Road) in Point Township, from Spruce Hollow Road to Roush 
Drive/Mountain Road;
SR 1025 (Shakespeare Road) in East Chillisquaque Township, from SR 45 to Hobbes 
SR 1031 (Housels Run Road) in West Chillisquaque Township, from SR 45 to Sodom 
SR 2002 (Boyd Station Road) in Rush Township, from SR 54 to the Montour County 
SR 2001 (Little Roaring Creek Road/Sharp Ridge Road) in Rush Township;
SR 2003 (Logan Run Road) in Rush Township, between Hill Road and Warner Road;
SR 2007 (Short Road) in Shamokin Township, from Friedline Road to Snydertown 
SR 2018 (Airport Road) in Ralpho Township from SR 54 to Reading Turnpike Road;
SR 2010 (Shamrock Road) from Short Road in Shamokin Township to SR 4012 in 
Ralpho Township;
SR 2020 (Mountain Road) in Ralpho Township, between SR 61 and Reading Turnpike 
SR 2022 (School House Road) in Shamokin Township, from Hollow Road to Irish 
Valley Road;
SR 2040 (7th Street) in Mount Carmel Borough from SR 61 to Ashland Road;
SR 3001 in Jackson Township, between Sucker Street and Herndon Bypass Road;
SR 3010 (Schwaben Creek Road) in Washington Township, between Slutter Valley 
Road and Cherrytown Road;
SR 4001 (Sunbury Road) from East Sunbury Road in Rush Township to SR 54 in 
Riverside Borough;
SR 4002 (Kipps Run Road) in Riverside from Pine Swamp Hollow Road to Trailer 
Park Road;
SR 4004 (Mile Post Road) in Upper Augusta Township, from Shikellamy Avenue to 
Mount Pleasant Road;
**OPEN - SR 4005 (Market Street) in Snydertown Borough, between SR 61 and 
Sunbury Street;
SR 4012 (Snydertown Road) from Reagan Street in Sunbury to Market Street in 
SR 4020 (Hallowing Run Road) in Rockefeller Township, from Dornsife Mountain 
Road to SR 890;
SR 4026 (Irish Valley Road) in Shamokin Township, between Hollow Road and SR 61;

Snyder County
SR 11 from the SR 15 split at Tedd's Landing to Duke Street in Northumberland;
**OPEN - SR 1023 (Market Street/Old Trail Road/Susq. Valley Mall Drive) in 
Monroe Township, from Commerce Avenue to Mill Road;
SR 2009 (Middlecreek Road) in Penn Township, from Market Street to SR 35;
**OPEN - SR 3003 (Heister Valley Road) in West Perry Township, from SR 35 to 
Winey Road;
SR 3005 (Mill Race Road) in Perry Township, from SR 35 to Heister Valley Road;

Sullivan County
SR 87 from Route 220 at Dushore to I-180 in Lycoming County;
SR 154 from SR 220 at Laporte to SR 87 at Forksville;
SR 220 through the entire county, from Lycoming County to Bradford County;
SR 2001 (Beaver Lake Road) in Davidson Township, from the Lycoming County line 
to SR 42;
SR 2002 (Nordmont Road) in Davidson Township, between Brown Hill Road and Long 
Brook Road;
SR 2003 (Nordmont Road) in Laporte Township, between Nordmont and SR 220;
SR 3005 from the Lycoming County line in Shrewsbury Township to SR 87;
SR 4001 (Elk Creek Road) from SR 154 at Lincoln Falls to SR 87 in Hillsgrove 
SR 4005 (Middle Road) in Fox Township, from Mountain Road to SR 154;
SR 4014 from SR 154 in Elkland Township to Mill View Mountain Road in Forks 

Tioga County
SR 328 in Jackson Township, from Wales Road to Hudson Hill Road;
SR 1007 (Elk Run Road) from Ashley Hill Road in Sullivan Township to Reynolds 
Road in Rutland Township;
**OPEN - SR 1013 (Jackson Center Road) in Jackson Township, from Tower Hill Road 
to Warner Road;
SR 1018 (Warner Road/Pony Hill Road) in Jackson Township, from SR 328 to Middle 

Union County
SR 44 in Gregg Township, from 3 miles west of Route 15 to Mill Road in 
Washington Township, Lycoming County;
SR 45 in East Buffalo Township, from SR 15 to the Northumberland County line;
**OPEN - SR 1003 (Hoffa Mill Road/Fort Titzell Road) in Buffalo and Kelly 
townships, from SR 192 to Cross Road Drive;
SR 1004 (Cross Roads Drive) in Kelly Township, from Fort Titzell Road to Hollow 
SR 1005 (River Road) in Kelly Township, from SR 15 to Water Street;
SR 1009 (River Road) from SR 642 in West Milton to High Street in White Deer 
SR 1011 (Third Street/Old Route 15) between Route 642 at West Milton and SR 15 
in White Deer Township;
**OPEN - SR 1012 (Devitt Camp Road) in Gregg Township, from SR 44 to SR 15;
**OPEN - SR 1018 (William Penn Drive) in Kelly Township, from Airport Road to 
Newman Road;
**OPEN - SR 2007 (Fairground Road) from SR 192 in Lewisburg to William Penn 
SR 3003 (Eighth Street) in Mifflinburg, from Meadow Lane to just south of Green 
Ridge Road;
SR 3003 (Millmont Road) in Lewis Township, between Creek Road and Haupt Road;

Bradford County
SR 6 in Burlington and West Burlington townships, from Berwick Turnpike to 
Bailey Corners Road;
SR 6 in Wysox and Standing Stone townships, from Masonite Drive to Valley Road;
SR 6 Wysox Golden Mile from SR 187 to SR 2032;
SR 6 from SR 187 at Wysox to Valley Road in Standing Stone Township;
SR 187 from SR 467 in Rome Township to the New York state line;
SR 187 from Wysox to the Wyoming County line;
SR 187 from SR 467 Rome Township to the New York state line;
SR 187 in Asylum Township from Kilmer Hill Road to North Street;
SR 187 in Orwell Township (bridge out) one-quarter mile north of Orwell Hill 
SR 187 in Windham Township from SR 1049 to the New York state line;
SR 187 from Wyalusing New Albany Road to the Wyoming County line;
SR 220 closed from SR 414 in Monroeton to Wyalusing New Albany Road at New 
SR 220 from Overton Road in New Albany from Laddsburg Hill Road in Albany 
SR 409 in Wyalusing Township, from SR 706 in Camptown to Brewer Hollow Road;
SR 467 in Rome Township, from SR 187 to Irish Ridge Road;
SR 1007 in Tuscarora and Stevens townships, from SR 1001 to SR 1003;
SR 1017 (Herrickville Road) in Herrick Township, from SR 706 at Camptown to Arey 
SR 1020 (Shores Road) in Sheshequin Township between Sackett Road and Crowley 
Hill Road;
SR 1029 (Lake Hill) from SR 187 to SR 1031;
SR 1038 (Warren Center Road) in Warren Township, from Leraysville Road to Warren 
SR 1040 (Cadis Road) in Warren Township, from Leraysville Road to the New York 
state line;
SR 1043 (Sheshequin Road) from SR 1041 in Wysox to Water Road in Sheshequin 
SR 1049 (Leraysville Road) in Pike, Warren and Windham townships, from SR 467 to 
SR 187;
SR 1055 (Battle Creek Road) from SR 187 at Rome to Cotton Hollow Road;
SR 1055 (Battle Creek Road) in Rome Township, from Parks Creek Road to 
Enterprise Road;
SR 1056 (Front Street) in Athens Township, from SR 199 to North Rome Road;
SR 1057 (North Rome Road) in Litchfield Township, between Ridge Road and 
Sportsman Road;
SR 1058 (Litchfield Road) in Litchfield Township, from Snow Road to the New York 
state line;
SR 1067 (Hill Road) in Litchfield Township, from Cotton Hollow Road to 
Litchfield Road;
SR 2007 (Wilmot Road) from SR 2011 to SR 2009;
SR 2010 (Wyalusing New Albany Road) between SR 187 and SR 6;
SR 2010 (Wyalusing New Albany Road) from Gravel Pit Road to Oak Hill Road.
SR 2024 (Airport Road) in Towanda Township, from Main Street to Kilmer Hill 
SR 3005 (Canton Cross Road) in Canton Township from Southside Road to SR 414;
SR 3009 (Burlington Turnpike) in Burlington Township, from SR 3024 to SR 6;
SR 3019 (Bailey Corners Road) from SR 514 to SR 414;
SR 4020 (Mile Lane) in Athens Township from Wilawana Road to Highland Road.

PennDOT warns motorists not to drive across roads covered with water because the 
water may be deeper than it looks, and to never drive around barricades or signs 
on closed roads - Turn Around, Don't Drown.

Motorists are also advised traffic signals may not be functioning due to power 
outages, and to use extreme caution at intersections.


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